Redneck Mud Park

Redneck Mud Park, formerly known as the Redneck Yacht Club, is located at 44570 Bermont Road.

During Redneck Mud Park’s “Spring Break Trucks Gone Wild” event last weekend, Charlotte County EMS responded 13 times over three days.

The park bills itself as “the world’s most exciting mud park.”

Injuries included a concussion from an ATV rollover, an ear amputation from an ATV rollover, a finger amputation from a truck winch, and admitted heroin withdrawals, according to dispatch records.

Charlotte County Fire & EMS said it averages eight calls for service per event at the park.

Between 2017 and 2020, EMS responded to 65 calls for service at Redneck Mud Park with 11 calls being trauma alerts. The two most common types of calls were traumatic injury — 40 incidents over three years — and alcohol/overdose, which accounted for 16 incidents over three years. The park is only open during events.

On Saturday morning, a school teacher died in an ATV crash at the park.

Tina Ellard, 28, had been a teacher at Buffalo Creek Middle School in Manatee County since 2019.

The school’s principal, Bradley Scarbrough, informed staff over the weekend when he received the news.

The school district’s crisis team was at Buffalo Creek Middle on Monday to help students and staff who needed support and people to talk to, according to Mike Barber, Manatee County School District spokesman.

“It hit the school community hard,” Barber said.

Redneck Mud Park, formerly known as the Redneck Yacht Club, is at 44570 Bermont Road in eastern Charlotte County. The company canceled events early last year due to COVID-19 and only held a few events later in the year.

During an event the weekend of Nov. 6, Charlotte County EMS responded to the park nine times for injuries including a broken arm from an ATV fall, an arm deformity from an ATV fall and a person passed out in a mud pit from alcohol, according to dispatch records.

That weekend, an 11-year-old boy was flown to the hospital after his leg was run over by an ATV. The driver told authorities that he drank three White Claw Hard Seltzers before driving around with the boy in the passenger seat, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

The park does not sell alcohol, according to its website, but patrons bring their own beverages.

As FHP continues to investigate the fatal wreck that left Ellard dead Saturday, an unrelated wrongful death lawsuit against the park is underway.

Filed in January, the widow of a man who died at the park in 2019 is suing the park and a few other agencies for negligence.

Filed in January, the lawsuit alleges that Ramon A. Muino Jr., 27, of Clewiston was punched by a patron at the event which started a physical altercation. Security guards allegedly forced Muino to the ground on his stomach with his face in the dirt.

Several security guards reportedly got on top of Muino using unreasonable force, which rendered Muino unconscious and put him into cardiac arrest, according to the lawsuit.

Muino was treated by EMS for injuries and transported to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

The man’s widow is suing Gone Country Motor Sports Inc., which does business as Redneck Mud Park, under the Wrongful Death Act. Other entities being sued are Prop Wash Events, which sponsored and organized the “Trucks Gone Wild” event; G-Code Security Services, which was contracted by Prop Wash and provided security services at the event; and Kelly Family Holdings, which owned, operated, controlled or leased the property where the event was held, according to the lawsuit.

Zachary Cantor, an attorney based in Fort Myers, is representing the widow in this case. He demanded a jury trial, according to court documents. Cantor declined to comment.

Redneck Mud Park has been sued in Charlotte County three times since 2016 for injuries sustained during events at the park, according to court records.

The company did not comment on the traumatic injuries that have been sustained at the park or its policy on alcohol consumption. It only provided the same statement that it sent The Daily Sun on Saturday when the newspaper reached out for comment after a woman died at the park.

“To help ensure that all Redneck Mud Park visitors experience a fun, care-free and safe event, park management routinely executes a comprehensive safety and security plan that is robust for a venue of its size,” the statement reads in part. “We hire an outside security company to provide professional and certified security officers.”

The only reference to rules on alcohol consumption included in the statement is the “zero tolerance” policy on underage drinking, resulting in expulsion from the park on any occurrence.

“The Redneck Mud Park contributes significant impact to the economic vitality of this region, both directly and indirectly, and the support of area agencies such as the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, EMS, and the Charlotte Harbor Visitor and Convention Bureau is vital to our continued shared success.”


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