I am guessing that absolutely none of you will be surprised when I tell you that a story with a local angle to the Capitol protesters was easily the most-read story on our websites last week.

We wrote about Adam Johnson of Manatee County. He is the man who can be seen in photos smiling as he carried U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s lectern while he walked through the U.S. Capitol Building. He even posted a photo of himself at the Capitol. Shortly after, he deleted his account — but not before his posts were captured with screenshots.

By the way, his wife, Suzanne Johnson, listed herself as from Port Charlotte on her Facebook page, which also has been deleted. Google lists her as a doctor in Palmetto.

We’re now learning that right after the riots at the Capitol, certain companies and groups began archiving photos and videos from that day that were shared on social media. This means that even though some people are deleting their photos and videos from social media, those will still exist elsewhere on the web.

To read the full story on Adam Johnson, visit: bit.ly/2XBr90x

Let’s move on with the Top Five. The story at No. 2 should be a familiar one:

2 Latest COVID-19 & Vaccine Stats — For Here & Florida

Unless you’re absolutely new to reading my weekly column, you’re familiar with this story. This daily update on the latest number of new coronavirus cases, plus the latest number of vaccines, has been at No. 1 almost every week since March of last year.

Lately, it has been dropping out of the top spot here and there, but it has never dropped out of the Top Five.

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3 Another 800 vaccines to be given out in Charlotte County

I’m pretty sure that stories about the latest vaccines are going to be a regular feature in our Top Five for the next few months. In last week’s column, one of our very first vaccination stories was at No. 1.

The story that finished at No. 3 was pretty much not a story within a half-hour of us putting it online. You see, people are so desperate to get a vaccination that usually within a half-hour of a particular county accepting appointments, they’re gone. Often, they’re gone within 10 minutes.

We actually had to rewrite our story to say that the vaccines were available in that particular instance but were now gone. If you’d been watching the national news, it looks like more vaccines are going to made available on a quicker basis.

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4 Final day at Myakka River Park, some anger, ‘going to miss the people here’

If you have driven on River Road near the Tamiami Trail intersection, you’ve seen the Myakka River Park mobile home community. It has been around since the 1970s and was home to dozens of residents who needed an affordable place to live.

But the land on which it sat was destined to become a retail center, meaning the residents still there got notices that they would have to move out and leave by a certain time. That time came last week. Some residents were still scrambling to empty their mobile homes when the giant “T-rex” claw of a tractor began tearing at the metal homes.

The entire community is destined for a landfill.

This story about the final day tore at people’s hearts. The photos, too, show the desperation of the final few residents on the very final day.

To read the story and view the photos, visit: bit.ly/3nDDGez

5 Changes ahead for North River Road

This is the second time in a row this story has been in the Top Five. That makes sense. It’s about one of the most dangerous roads in our area. River Road is a major connector to Interstate 75, but is only two lanes in most areas and also has long stretches with no lighting.

The speed limit is 45 MPH as you get closer to I-75, but people ignore that, causing dangerous situations as hundreds of vehicles at any given moment are trying to navigate a narrow, dark road. When we published a story that said changes are coming to River Road, thousands of you read and shared this story across social media.

The general gist of the story is that the state Department of Transportation is taking over the northern part of the road and will be starting a project to widen it.

To learn more about this and also what will be happening to other parts of the road, visit: bit.ly/38A4WWY

Ronald Dupont Jr. is the digital editor for The Daily Sun and the Venice Gondolier. He can be reached at Ronald.Dupont@YourSun.com.


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