Some college students might assume getting out of bed before noon is irrational. But, pi is not rational.

Professors at Florida Southwestern State College in Punta Gorda gave math students the opportunity to participate in Pi Day activities in lieu of a lecture.

Pi Day is a celebration of the math symbol Pi, an irrational number that begins with 3.14 and is celebrated annually on March 14.

Students were given a math quiz, and had the option of doing two activities, or the chalk-drawing competition. Once they completed an activity, a professor had to sign off to verify they completed it.

Other activities included a paper airplane challenge, collecting 314 non-perishable items, pi trivia, memorizing digits, and making bracelets.

Students could help make a paper chain, where the school was trying to beat its record of 54 feet in length. For the paper chain, each number of pi was represented using a different colored piece of construction paper. Students could also fill test tubes with colored sand, where each color represented a different number in pi.

Math professor John Salem was manning the pi discovery station, where students could find the ratio between the circumference and diameter of different-sized circles.

“We’re taking them back to an era where there were no computers,” he said.

Port Charlotte Middle School Math CarnivalPort Charlotte Middle school held a math carnival to celebrate Pi day.

The carnival had 11 math-themed games for students to play. Students got to visit the carnival during their math period.

Games included: Math bowling, probability wheel, circumference sorter, Museum of Pi, Number Line Slide, etc.

Students had the opportunity to earn tickets, which they could trade in for prizes.

Publix donated $150 to the school to buy pies for the students. Administration volunteered to be pied in the face by the students.


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