Allegiant Travel Company’s high-rise condominium plan for Sunseeker resort remains in limbo as the developer receives Charlotte County approval for groundwork only.

Allegiant still has not committed to a 2,150-foot harborwalk, and without that, the county cannot approve the 90-foot condominium tower plan, county zoning official Shaun Cullinan told the Sun.

Now, however, by asking for approval for only the groundwork last week, Allegiant does not have to keep coming back every three weeks asking for extensions to finalize their full site plan, Cullinan said.

Allegiant did not immediately return calls for comment.

Their preliminary site plan approval will expire in a few years, Cullinan said.

Sunseeker resort is expected to be constructed on 24 acres of waterfront property in Charlotte Harbor where U.S. 41 crosses over the Peace River. The full site plan calls for nine towers housing 1,495 hotel/condominium units, along with numerous restaurants, bars, retail stores and a large pool.

When Allegiant is ready to apply for building permits, Cullinan said, “they’ll have to come in with a major modification or a new final site plan.”

Allegiant told its investors last month that the phase one would include two towers with 680 hotel units on seven acres.

Phase one for the county, however, includes 24 acres but no buildings. It includes construction of the entrance driveway, a half-mile retaining seawall, a curvy perimeter landscape wall along U.S. 41 and more clearing and grading of the land.

Allegiant has said they expect construction to begin before the end of the year with completion by 2020.

The public-access waterfront walk is the key to building above Charlotte Harbor’s 35-foot maximum height. Charlotte Harbor redevelopment area zoning allows higher buildings when the developer provides approved public access to the waterfront.

Allegiant had an easement drawn up for commissioners to sign, but the company withdrew it at the last minute this summer. Allegiant has pinned the delay on permits from the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps regulates waterfront projects.

Allegiant is always free to come back with plans at 35 feet, Cullinan has said.


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