A 30-day extension ended recently for Lost Lagoon Development to answer the county’s critique of its plan for a water park, hotels, retail and a downtown near Murdock Circle.

Zoning official Shaun Cullinan said he reached out to the Orlando-based developer, and on Nov. 2, they asked for a second extension. This one will be for 14 days and expire Nov. 16.

“I spoke with them (Nov. 2),” Cullinan said in an email. “They are intending to move forward on the project, and we will be continuing to work with them to bring this to fruition.”

Lost Lagoon spokesman Bill Gridley confirmed that the development is on track.

“We are still wrapping up the zoning approvals for the property. Once those are checked off, I should have more information,” he told the Sun.

Developers cannot apply for building permits without approved site plans. Lost Lagoon has said it hopes to start construction around year’s end.

In mid-August, the county’s Community Development staff members issued their review of the plan, with most granting preliminary approval. Staff in zoning and in transportation did not approve the plan. Transportation staff asked for a better traffic study.

Zoning staff identified a number of missing components and problems, including 2.5 unaccounted-for acres. They asked for explanation of how much land will go to each activity, from water park to shopping to hotel to restaurants to open space. A schedule and phasing are also required, staff wrote. The project also requires rezoning.

The project is to be sited on 157 acres of undeveloped land between State Road 776, U.S. 41 and Toledo Blade Boulevard. The land was laid out for single-family homes in the 1950s, and never progressed. The county took over the land about 14 years ago and has been trying to redevelop it since then.

If all goes well, Lost Lagoon will buy the land for $6.7 million over six years. They will receive $6 million back from the county for improving the highways and for adding water and sewer, lighting, landscaping and trails. The full project is estimated at $132 million.


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