Englewood COVID-19 testing site

Englewood COVID-19 testing site

The Florida resident death toll from coronavirus reached 15,830 on Friday, with almost 100 deaths reported in a single day by the Florida Department of Health.

In Sarasota County, over 300 residents have now died with a primary diagnosis of COVID-19 and in Charlotte County, 152 residents have now died, the DOH reports.

The DOH does not disclose the exact date of COVID-19 deaths, therefore deaths it announces each day may not be from the past 24 hours. It sometimes takes weeks for the DOH to report fatalities.

With 3,449 new COVID cases reported in Florida on Friday morning, the state’s total number of coronavirus cases is now 748,437.

In Charlotte County Public Schools, five new cases were reported this week at Lemon Bay High, Murdock Middle, Neil Armstrong Elementary, Port Charlotte High and Kingsway Elementary. The district has now reported 20 total cases since schools opened up August 31.

On Friday, there were 855 Charlotte County students being excluded from school for three days due exhibiting symptoms that could be COVID-19 related, and 54 students were excluded from school due to a coronavirus positive family member.

The Sarasota County School District reported 29 new cases among students this week, bringing the total to 104 positive student cases since the school year began. There were 31 students positive for the virus and in quarantine on Friday, and 522 Sarasota students quarantining away from school due to possible exposure to the virus.

Here’s the latest data from the Florida Department of Health, compared to last week’s data:


Total cases: 748,437 (+19,516 from Oct. 9)

Positive residents: 739,050 (+19,049 from Oct. 9)

Hospitalizations: 46,862 (+1,187 from Oct. 9)

Resident deaths: 15,830 (+644 from Oct. 9)

Charlotte County

Positive residents: 3,322 (+128 from Oct. 9)

Hospitalizations: 415 (+11 from Oct. 9)

Deaths: 152 (+9 from Oct. 9)

DeSoto County

Positive residents: 1,609 (+15 from Oct. 9)

Hospitalizations: 127 (+1 from Oct. 9)

Deaths: 27 (no change from last week)

Sarasota County

Positive residents: 8,826 (+328 from Oct. 9)

Hospitalizations: 722 (+19 from Oct. 9)

Deaths: 307 (+27 from Oct. 9)

Lee County

Positive residents: 21,418 (+571 from Oct. 9)

Hospitalizations: 1,510 (+16 from Oct. 9)

Deaths: 492 (+11 from Oct. 9)


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