Several ten-thousand-dollar bundles of cash fell out of a Port Charlotte woman's dress after she ran over someone's foot with her car and was detained by deputies Sunday afternoon.

Catherine Allford, 63, of Rotonda West, drove through a restricted area and a crowd of people outside Bert's Black Widow Harley-Davidson on El Jobean Road, according to a Charlotte County Sheriff's Office report. The area was blocked off for a customer appreciation event. 

After bystanders saw her gray 124 Spider Fiat drive through the crowd, they yelled at her to stop, deputies said. Witnesses told deputies she continued driving toward the stage and band area, where she ran over the foot of a man sitting near the stage.

Bystanders continued to yell at Allford to stop. She drove on through the parking lot toward the exit, but hit a curb and could not move her car. 

A female Harley-Davidson employee tried to block Allford's car from leaving, but a friend pulled her away. 

Allford then put her vehicle in reverse and attempted to leave the scene by backing out. But she hit another curb, and bystanders stood around her car until CCSO arrived. 

When the deputy arrived, Allford was sitting in her car with the engine running. According to the report, she appeared to be crying and was making movements as if to hide something. 

Allford refused to exit the vehicle when asked by a deputy. The deputy tried to escort her from the vehicle, but she pulled away and went limp, the report stated. This is when money began to fall from under Allford's dress. The deputy arrested Allford. Another deputy searched Allford and found a $100 bill in the front of her underwear. 

Allford told deputies she was in real estate and had a lot of money. She told deputies  she had surgery on her back and "probably took too many pain pills," according to the report.

Allford was transported to the Charlotte County Jail without incident. She was charged with DUI, DUI with damage to property or person, leaving the scene of a crash involving injuries, and refusal to submit to DUI testing after license suspended.

She was released on $15,000 bond.

The money found on Allford amounted to about $110,000. 

Allford's husband declined comment when reached at their realty office.

A manager at the Harley-Davidson declined comment when reached Monday by the Sun.



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