Several county commissioners, administrative staff and staff from various county departments, and the county attorney’s office attended the Florida Association of Counties annual conference in Orlando last week.

Our goal is to always ensure Charlotte County has a seat at the table and be part of discussions and decisions related to policy making, innovative trends and programs, funding opportunities and anything that affects our home rule/local control.

We have some of our team taking on or continuing leadership roles on the FAC board and other related boards and committees. County Attorney Janette Knowlton was elected president of the Florida Association of County Attorneys, and I was elected treasurer of the Florida Association of County Managers.

Some of our staff were invited to make workshop presentations about their projects and programs, such as beach renourishment, cybersecurity and public cemetery operations.

Storm summary

Fortunately, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Elsa steered far enough west of the county that the impacts here were minimal. Some low-lying neighborhoods experienced some localized flooding and many swales will have some standing water (as they are designed to do to allow the stormwater to percolate into the ground rather than flow into waterways).

There were numerous road closures in Punta Gorda and FPL reported 700 power outages. Public Works crews cleared debris from roadways Wednesday morning and Utilities Department crews and contractors pumped sewer lines to prevent overflows resulting from stormwater infiltrating lines.

County offices and facilities reopened for regular business hours and operations Wednesday.

Tuesday night, the peak wind gust reported was 58 mph at Tom Adams Bridge. A National Weather Service gauge in Port Charlotte indicated measures nearly 11 inches of rain. County gauges ranged from 2 inches to more than 6.5 inches.

Many thanks to the staff who monitored conditions from the Emergency Operations Center late into the night Tuesday and those who worked in the field and before and after the storm. Our Joint Information Center kept the public informed about ongoing developments, including closures, tornado and flooding threats and safety precautions via press releases, media interviews and social media posts.

This promises to be an active hurricane season, so we encourage everyone to stay prepared and informed to keep you and your family safe and protect your property.

Let’s talk

CC-TV, Charlotte County’s government television channel, premiered its new talk show, “Let’s Talk Charlotte” on Friday. The show on the county’s YouTube channel,

The premiere episode features Charlotte County Commissioner Ken Doherty discussing Charlotte County’s history, including its creation 100 years ago, its growth in the mid-20th century, adoption of a Home Rule Charter in 1986 and subsequent charter amendments.

Readers may reach County Administrator Hector Flores at


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