We see articles of late on rising sea levels, for which the remediation could be very costly to Charlotte citizens. Let’s evaluate the science carefully.

Science is complicated, but the scientific method isn’t. Essentially, a hypothesis, such as “A causes B” is posited. Experiments are conducted, establishing instances where A occurs, followed by B. If no situation arises where B occurs, but A doesn’t, the hypothesis may achieve credibility. But alas, if someone finds even one counterexample, the hypothesis is “falsified”.

Now the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis (AGW) is that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere causes the planet to warm. This is plausible, based on experiments done in the mid-nineteenth century showing that CO2 absorbs infrared radiation and becomes warmer. That justifies evaluating the AGW hypothesis.

Supporting evidence? In about 1975, global temperatures began to rise, and CO2 was also rising, so score one for the AGW hypothesis. But that about exhausts the supporting evidence. However, there are many counterexamples.

Actually, temperatures cooled markedly from about 1950 – 1975, when CO2 was already rising at the present rate. That is a counterexample, i.e. falsification, but of a very short sample period. However, in 1999, studies were released based on ice core data from Antarctica (Vostok). These ice cores indicated that CO2 and temperature do rise and fall together, but that the temperature excursion precedes the change in CO2. This is logical, because CO2 is absorbed or expelled by the oceans as temperature changes, but since oceans change temperature slowly, there is a several hundred year lag. The ice cores provide a plethora of AGW counterexamples spread over about 400,000 years. Examine the graphs at http://joannenova.com.au/global-warming-2/ice-core-graph/. These graphs falsify AGW many times over.

How did such a large, misdirected effort ever begin? Consider “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.” — Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation.

Also, google up Christiana Figueres for more evidence of UN chicanery. Socialism, maybe?

Once this effort commenced, it became a gravy train for people selling green energy, carbon credits, etc., and for university professors who must fetch in government grants to avoid the unemployment line.

As for the 97% consensus, google up http://www.populartechnology.net/2007/10/no-consensus-on-global-warming.html to get a different perspective.

Where does the AGW cause lead? To very expensive and ill-conceived feckless “remedies”. Migrating to a large fraction of green power has tripled German electric bills. Raising Florida roads, docks, and buildings based on alleged rapid sea level change will seriously impact every Floridian’s pocketbook, especially when the highest rate of centennial sea level rise in Florida is 14.5 inches and NOAA puts the average centennial sea level rise is 12.3 inches.

AGW has become a get rich quick scheme for the politically well-connected, but will impoverish the middle class. Become informed, inform your legislators, and fight back.

John R. Doner is an applied operations research scientist who lives in Charlotte County.


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