Why was the Sunseeker project not subject to Florida Chapter 28-24 Florida administrative code? The proposed development exceeds the threshold of 1,000 units and, thus qualifying it as a “development of regional impact.”

The developer’s statement: “Because everyone will be traveling to/from Sunseeker through Allegiant Air from Punta Gorda’s Airport” is their excuse why they do not need to meet the code requirement for adequate parking, is a farce. Insufficient parking on the property will cause congestion in the area of Edgewater, Bayshore and Tamiami due to on street parking by residents of the development and patrons of their restaurants and stores. A DRI would include a traffic study which will show just how much impact, their proposed development will have on the area.

Their projected prices for the units are unrealistic, but was done to “convince” our esteemed commissioners the real estate tax revenue from those units would be a windfall, so the commission reduced the impact fees.

If you recall, “remember the Alamo,” you should easily, “remember Murdock,” when our prior county commissioners got played. Maybe the current Murdock deal will work out, but the first one is still costing us. Well, let’s hold the County Commission and their departments accountable now and force them to make Sunseeker step up and only approve if it is fiscally sound and provides sufficient parking on site, traffic flow and public access to the entire waterfront as previously represented.

Say no without a DRI approval

Richard Russell

Port Charlotte


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So very well said, we are still paying $5000+ daily for interest on the loans from the murdock village fiasco. If you read the article from the USA Today newspaper they covered Allegiants investors meeting in Las Vegas where Allegiant decided that they are going to build just a 500 room hotel instead of 1000 condos, funny not one local paper noted this major change of plans. Also in case you do not know all the key executives of Allegiant/Sunseeker are former executives of MGM Grand Resorts/Casinos.

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