Mike Beatty

Adams Publishing Florida President Mike Beatty

I do not write many columns, as I leave that up to the capable writers.

But I feel it is important that I address our loyal readers and subscribers.

I want to thank all our loyal readers for subscribing to our print and online products. We have worked tirelessly through this challenging time providing the best local content that we can.

I hear from many of our subscribers, old and new, who have been living here for many years or just moved here from other parts of the country, how surprised they are that we are still producing local news in our print and digital products.

Looking back at the last two years, so many things have changed. If you would have told me that in November 2021 we would have a shortage of automobiles due to a chip shortage, a housing shortage due to labor and supplies, that there would be more jobs than people to fill those jobs, and that the cost of goods would be increasing at the pace it has, I would have never believed you.

But here we are.

These circumstances have affected everyone and every business that you frequent. We are seeing unprecedented increases in our cost of materials; we are feeling the effects of shortage of people in the work force while at the same time more people are moving or returning here.

All of this has caused a “perfect storm.”

Like many of the businesses you frequent, the restaurants, grocery stores and other retail establishments, we are all looking for people to service you. The shortage of people in the workplace has created longer lines, more wait times, less selection, higher prices and unusual hours of operation. None of us in business want to disappoint our customers. It saddens all of us to hear unhappy customers and see the mean-spirited comments on social media. Those angry words hurt people who are working as hard as they can to help you.

Currently we have longer-than-desired wait times as people are trying to call to subscribe to our paper, ask questions about their bills, how they can get copies of stories, why their paper is late. All the things that are day-to-day in newspaper operation. We are doing the best we can to serve you and we ask you to be patient. We did not expect the surge of people returning that we are seeing right now.

To help with your needs, there are some things you can do yourself at yoursun.com. Go to the “manage my subscription” tab and you will find an easy navigation page; you will need your username and password. If you chose to call and the wait is too long, please email us at customerservice@yoursun.com.

One of the exciting things about being a print subscriber is that you get online access for free. This means that if you are traveling and you wish to read your paper, the paper is running late due to a mechanical issue, weather or if we have carriers filling in for others, you can still read a replica of the paper on the e-edition. All you need to do is to create a username and password and you can have full access of your newspaper on your phone, tablet or computer.

Lastly, please be patient with those who are trying to help you. Our associates are doing the best they can while we are dealing with the work force shortage and supply issues.

If you or someone you know would like a full- or part-time job earning extra income, let us know. We have openings for carriers, a circulation district manager, several sales associates, multiple press and insert operators, truck drivers and mailroom workers.

If you know someone who is interested, send resumes to our new email at careers@yoursun.com.

Mike Beatty is president of Adams Publishing Florida


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