Running for public office is hard work.

Think about it.

First you have to apply for the position. That means filling out papers.

Then, you have to raise money — at least if you have a serious desire to win. That means approaching friends, business acquaintances and political big wigs for a donation. That can be stressful and, for some people, a bit frightening.

Next, you have to design signs — again if you are serious about winning. You might also have to design a piece of literature to mail to prospective voters.

Then, you have to go to all the debates, public meetings, editorial board meetings with the press and every public event — from pig races to chamber balls — to shake hands and win over would-be voters.

You have to open up your private life to scrutiny. File public records on how much money you raise and how you spend it.

It’s not a walk in the park.

Yet during every election cycle, good people step up and make the commitment to try to win public office — whether it be on the local school board, county commission, city council or constitutional office.

They sometimes have to deal with the slings and arrows launched by their opponent. They have to take time away from their family and their business or job. And, in most cases, they certainly don’t do it for the money. Many public offices — with some exceptions — pay very little for the time and effort that goes into the job.

We appreciate those who make the sacrifice to run for public office. If you know someone who ran in this past election, whether they won or not, thank them.


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