Imagine, three weeks before Christmas. Most of the presents are under the tree — including brand-new puppies that you believe will brighten the day for a young child Christmas morning.

You take your 11-year-old son to his soccer game and stop on the way home to treat your four kids to an ice cream cone. The day is going great.

Then you get a call. Your house is on fire.

And, after you race home, it gets worse. Not only are all your presents burned to a crisp, but your house is ruined and your puppies and all 11 of your animals are dead.

That is a real-life scenario that Will and Melissa Sabino and their four children are dealing with today.

An electrical fire was the culprit blamed for destroying the Port Charlotte home Sunday. According to a story in the Sun by Anne Easker, Melissa Sanbino said insurance won’t rebuild the home because the electrical box was too old and should have been replaced.

“I am not the person to ask for anything, so this is really hard for me,” Sabino said. “We have four kids and we’ve done it working two jobs, both of us.”

If there was ever a time to give, it’s now.

A Facebook fundraiser has been set up under the name Sabino House Fire Relief. The family needs clothes, shoes and cash to rebuild their home.

Donations can be dropped off at: MPM Automotive, 1544 Market Circle, Port Charlotte; A1 Towing, 2481 Sulstone Drive, Punta Gorda and Scrap Money, 23380 Janice Ave., Unit 4, Punta Gorda.

Show your Christmas heart.


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