Your newspaper recently committed journalism malpractice.

The day after the midterm elections, you published a special section covering the election results. The front-page story above the fold showed Ron Desantis and described his victory (razor-thin, I might add and enabled by a poor turnout in Southeast Florida).

Below the fold you ran a story about an amendment which was approved by the voters.

Buried inside the section, on Page 13, if memory serves me accurately, was a less-than-comprehensive story about the Democrats seemingly on their way to re-taking the House of Representatives.

I can understand why the story did not report a Democratic takeover as a done deal, in light of the timing of the election results and your deadlines. But I cannot understand burying the story, as you did. That story belonged on the front age of the section, along with the DeSantis story. Talk about provincialism!

I thought, surely the next day, two days after the elections, there would be a comprehensive story about the Democrats winning the House. Such a story was nowhere to be found. An ill-informed person reading your newspaper could not be blamed for not knowing the Democrats won that race.

Your newspaper's political views are apparent to any discerning reader and certainly do not align with my views. That's fine. I continue to subscribe to and read your paper.

But your coverage of the Democratic victory in the House is nothing short of journalism malpractice.

Irwin Wolfe

Port Charlotte


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