Sept. 11 was the 20th anniversary of the last event (9/11) which brought all Americans together. In the 20 years since and most notably many youths who have no memory of 9/11, express pure hatred of America as exhibited by their membership/association with groups like BLM, Antifa, etc. How/why and if we had another 9/11, will they join with us or not?

I am a Vietnam War veteran, who attended college prior to 1966 and after 1970 (my tour of active duty). There was some dissension on my college campus upon my return, but our professors were not very outspoken about the war or politics. They were focused on educating us, imparting knowledge of the subject material, not trying to convert us to their political beliefs.

For 25-plus years, the One World order of Soros, et.al. has focused on destroying the last totally independent free nation in the world. They are effectively funding/bribing our education system, ignorant, corruptible politicians, and feckless military leaders to indoctrinate our youth against America’s founding principles as a capitalist society, in favor of Marxist socialism, lie to the electorate and take away our military members’ confidence and will, to stand and fight for our country.

The indoctrination of our youth is evident, and the media helped solidify Soros, etc. lies. The Biden/Harris/Pelosi regime’s judges are effectively eliminating the Bill of Rights for anyone with opposing views to theirs.

Stand with America to defeat Soros and his Chinese Communist comrades or personally accept responsibility for America’s destruction!

Richard C. Russell

Port Charlotte


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