In response to the Opinion in the Sun, Jan. 5,  from someone in central Florida sugar cane farming who did not experience what we did near the coast this summer but made blanket claims regarding our red tide:

Large corporations: Big for-profit businesses can estimate percentages, especially in newspapers, or not include all data in its findings and statements, such as not including nitrogen when referring to cleaning. And there is more than one way to be part of the problem and block solutions.

Science organizations: You should keep in mind different scientists have different opinions. A blanket statement that one organization says this or that because of one scientist is usually not the whole truth. Each Ph.D. has its own opinions. Many say N and P feed K.brevis red tide.

People: Many eyewitnesses recorded the affect and correlation of the Lake O releases to the exacerbation of red tide. They shared video from the lake to the spread. Our south summer winds certainly did cause the releases to feed the red tide this summer.

Alicia Smith



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