How thoroughly despicable, but predictable, for your leftist rag to print the cartoon titled ‘New NRA Poster Boy’ in your Nov. 23 edition. Even though the Cal Thomas piece on the next page presents a much different perspective more akin to the truth, I have to take you to task for publishing this cartoon.

The cartoonist insinuates that the NRA supports the illegal purchase of firearms and ammunition. Enlighten me - just when has the NRA ever supported illegal purchases? The NRA advocates for trained, lawful exercise of our rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. And the effective enforcement of all laws currently on the books.

And just how is Rittenhouse a spokesman for the NRA? Do tell. No, you can’t tell me, can you? Because he is not.

The Rittenhouse case is riddled with lies told by the media. All debunked by trial. He did not transport his rifle across state lines. He did not possess the weapon illegally. His mother did not drive him to the riots. He was not a member of any militia, white supremacist or otherwise. He is not a ‘white nationalist’. He did not wantonly gun down people at random. He acted only after being attacked and facing threats to his life.

I think this cartoon, even though on the ‘Viewpoint’ page, carries your paper to new lows.

Alex Gregorewsky

Port Charlotte


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