Not enough workers to fill all the jobs. Black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows. GDP running in 4 percent area etc. Want to stop it? Vote Democrat. The mantra in the Obama White House was America's GDP would never get past 2 percent area. Now that it's 4 percent, under Trump, Obama wants to take credit. Huh?

Along with trashing our booming economy the Democrats, in Washington, want to trash our borders. As I write this there are now "three" caravans of illegals heading to our border and demanding to get in. What happened to doing it the legal, lawful, right way? My son spent money and time to get his future wife here legally. My immigrant great grandparents came here legally.

The Democrats don't want borders. They want to abolish ICE. They want to keep catch and release. That's when an illegal steps one foot on American soil they have to be released in our country to come back for a hearing. Less than 5 percent come back for a hearing.

Along with this, one of the Angel moms, son killed by an illegal, pointed out that over 4,000 citizens are killed every year by illegals, drunk driving, murder, etc. The Democrats don't care or they would join the Republicans to fix it. It's all about votes. The more illegals they get in and put on welfare the more, they think, will vote Democrat.

Want fair and balanced? Watch Fox.

Ross Walcott



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