Sen. Kamala Harris, along with Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker, are proposing a "Medicare for all" program. You would think that so many intelligent and influential individuals would have a thorough knowledge of what they are talking about, but, alas, I expect too much. Just spouting talking points is what they are about. They don't seem to have any ideas of how Medicare works.

Medicare is a federal government program for the elderly and disabled. It is not a free health care plan. The minimum monthly charge is $135 per individual, the program is income tested and monthly premiums rise to almost $500.

Under the proposed plan would the monthly premium be eliminated? I'm all for that.

Also Medicare does not cover all your medical expense, only about 80 percent, will there be an adjustment for this? I'm all for it. I recently had a medical procedure that cost $40,000. After the Medicare reimbursement I was billed $8,000. Surprise!

What about all the doctors, nurses and medical personnel? Some doctors will not accept Medicare patients because of the low reimbursement rate. Will they be forced to? After all the years in medical school, training and internship, will they continue to practice? I think there will be a severe shortage of medical personnel.

The talking points sound good, but is this what we really want? Remember, "If you like your health care you can keep it."

Bill Stewart

Port Charlotte


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