Once again, I am appalled at the Democrats never-ending tendencies toward violence as a way to pursue their objectives. Going back to the Black Panthers intimidating voters when Barrack Obama was running for office, the threat of violence is their voice of intimidation.

The "press" loves the conflict and the hostility. It makes the news and sells papers, and enhances TV ratings. Don't believe the hypocrisy of their claim desiring to reduce friction and hostility. Mainstream news loves it as much as California congresswoman, Maxine Waters who advocates "in your face" hostility with every encounter with a possible Republican. It's "posturing to establish dominance." It replaces intellectual discourse! It's gangland mentality and designed to be intimidating.

I suppose that the deliberate "dissing" of our President at the recent "news conference" was designed to improve ratings of Jim Acosta and CNN. Gratefully, it allowed our President to prove restraint under attack. I would have had Acosta removed because he violated the rights of the other reps to ask real questions on legitimate topics. The result! My respect for our President increased because he didn't take the bait. He showed restraint when I would have showed Acosta "the door" for disrespecting his fellow reporters and "show boating." His contract must be up for review!

The message?. "A loud voice is not a substitute for rational expression." This is not a great start for the promised "reasonable dialogue" between the two political divides. We're still dealing with a lot more emotion that common sense.

Steve Nadle

Punta Gorda


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