I have noticed that the sign of "No turn on red," well, let us just say not too many people know that. I do understand why.

The placement of the sign is not in a good place. We down here are used to the "turn right in red" rule. The sign is posted on the same place the red light is at. Most cars do not even come to a complete stop. Places to go and people to see.

Maybe if they could post it a eye level. I think most drivers would know it now.

I hope that this letter to you will encourage the replacement of the sign and more people will see it and know that. Plus, I have to say drivers on Edgewater are really abusing the 35 mph limit and not doing it. They are going 45 or faster.

Me, I use cruise control, but people are wanting me to go faster and it makes me feel intimidated to do so. I know that this seems minor in the grand scheme of things. I also remember when the speed limit was really 45 mph.

I have gotten older and wiser, and I am in no way perfect. I am trying to make better decisions than before. So if this would just save one accident from happening then it will have been worth it.

Carol M. Leonard

Port Charlotte


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