Millions of unwary students are saddled with trillions of dollars in student loan debt. Rather than explore how we arrived in this position, the left is looking for ways to eliminate it and buy lots of votes in the process.

In other words, allow millions of debtors who were happy to accept thousands more than tuition to have fun during their college years without a thought of how they may repay the loans. What 18-year-old would say no? They're kids, so I can understand how they may not be totally at fault.

No, it's the crazy government-backed student loan guarantees and the greedy colleges that share most of the blame. Think about it. Who invests $100,000 or more without a thought to whether or not there is any potential return on that investment? Who takes on the burden of all that debt without a notion of how it may be re-paid? It's the average 18-year old. Does the government insist that the money is well-spent? No. Does the college really work hard to provide the skills and training to graduate students with marketable skills so they can thrive and repay their debt? No.

Spend money where it will help these kids learn a marketable skill. Teach our kids to expect a reasonable return for the time and money they spend on post-secondary education.

Bob VanStry

North Port


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