I live on Duxbury Avenue. Maybe the street was named for the feathered friends who congregate in the neighborhood. They are so cute when babies, but are real pests when they get big.

Every morning, I wash their poop off our carport. Mama Duck and her babies rest under our car. Their relatives are residing on our roof (baby ducks, now big ducks).

Our neighbor had to have a skylight repaired because a duck fell through it. We have to have our roof recoated because of ducks resting there. No birds will come to our bird bath because ducks think it is their personal wading pool and commode.

We found a big duck dead in our yard and our lawn guy said to call animal control. Animal control came out and charges us $20 to remove it because it was on our property.

I've had it. I don't know who is responsible for controlling their problems. If it is mine, please don't get mad at me for protecting my property (or take me to jail for animal cruelty).

And to my good neighbors who want to feed them - plese keep them at your house.

I have had it.

Helen Wood

Port Charlotte


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