As a one-time Canadian from Ontario who has lived in the U.S. for many years and has been a U.S. citizen forever, I do feel I am well qualified to make the obvious response to a letter of Jan. 4, "Ontario tough on distracted driving."

If he likes and appreciates living in an over-governed socialist state so much back in Ontario, he ought to pop in his car and drive back home. Those new rules he mentioned are preposterous and, luckily, not enforceable, and they are a governmental cash grab.

By the way, driving, historically, is just a longtime fact and is certainly more a right than a privilege. And it is certainly not granted and enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police who, really, just work for the people.

The freedoms we have, though they do bear a cost, are much preferable to the novel "1984," which, as a society, we don’t want and, it would seem, he would like just fine.

Al Dicks

Port Charlotte


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