Facts: The “Most Popular President,” Obama, received a mere 69.5 million votes. The most “Qualified” candidate in history, Hillary, received 65.9 million votes. The most successful President and President of the people, President Trump, received 74.2 million votes but loses to a career swamp dweller, Biden, who had a whopping 81.3 million votes!

The leftist Marxists claim that they “won” the election but the facts do not support their claim.

In Pennsylvania the election was purposely amended by election officials and the courts illegally. They did so knowing that any change to voting laws must be done by state legislature as outlined in our Constitution. In that state, and at least seven more, President Trump had an insurmountable lead, 800,000 in Pennsylvania alone by midnight election day. The “counting” was secured in those select Democrat precincts and Republican poll watchers were asked to leave. Why? Then a miracle-come morning Biden is in the lead. What a coincidence!

Over 1,000 witnessed voter fraud and irregularities, all controlled by Democrats. They were silenced by the fake news media, an arm of the Democrat Party. Then it was learned of “computer glitches” in which a vote for Trump was counted for less than one (63%) and Biden (1.37%).

I have over 100 pages of the great accomplishments of President Trump and zero from either Biden or Harris. The good news is that those in Christ will be victorious.

Welcome to Hotel Stupid America!

Paul R. Pawlick

Port Charlotte


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