God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and if you subjugate yourself to him, pay your tithe, follow the laws governing "his" teachings, God will raise you up to Heaven and you will live for ever and ever. This is faith (said to be believing in something you can't prove true.)

Reality is far different. Omnipotence would give God the power to prevent sin in the first place. Omnipresence would have enabled God to always be in each persons presence (when "he" was needed). Omniscience enabled "God" to convince all of earth's humans that "he" is the "one Creator" and all humans are "his" children, void of greed, hate, war. Instead, God used none of these powers and from the first temptation to today most people live part in faith and part in reality. Truth is we exist as both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by nature.

Faith (religion) is the most powerful and profitable means of control by the Mr. Hydes of history and today. They will not cure the devastation that our reality faces.

We humans are the caretakers of Earth, it is beyond time to face our responsibility and stop believing the Mr. Hydes of today will fix anything but their profits.

Please call Mr. Hyde's lackeys in Tallahassee and Washington. Tell them you are fed up and to stop the BS the Mr. Hydes are telling you about global warming.

Richard Stowell

North Port


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