Lots of questions are coming my way about the illegal trespass law. Where does the actual laws say filming must be important to the public and who gets to say what is? Government doesn't want anything that makes them look bad filmed, like violating the Second Amendment, employees assaulting citizens, fraud, retaliation against citizens, public record violations, etc.

The expert said he wouldn't recommend filming to prove a point. Why not? Watch videos of First Amendment auditors, the government almost always fails audits. We already know the government can't and doesn't audit themselves. If we aren't allowed to audit them, who is? The auditors don't speak unless spoken to and it would be very rare if any of them actually break any legitimate laws. None have ever threatened or legally harassed anyone.

I was accused of staging something. I wanted them to call police because my rights were being violated. Who should I call when my rights are violated?

How come the people's names who did this ain't mentioned? Who in the county did this? Is it legal?

Can local tyrants overrule state law, the Constitution and case law? Do we have to pay thousands for every right we already have?

If I try to find out the answers to my questions, they say they don't answer questions, they threaten me, they trespass me, and they try to charge me out the wazoo.

Andrew Sheets

Punta Gorda


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