Every person who believes in the following should be shoulder to shoulder with President Trump:

Freedom of speech — The ability to publicly call protesters a "mob" when they break windows, harass innocent people.

Freedom of religion — To feel free, without the fear of being rebuked because he/she wants to wish someone a "Merry Christmas" or has the courage to stand up for their religious beliefs by not baking a wedding cake. When my mother died last January, I went to Publix to purchase a Yahrzeit candle, something we as Jews do to mourn our loved ones. Publix didn’t have any. I didn’t complain. I went somewhere else. Luckily, here in America we’re allowed to shop anywhere we want.

Freedom of the press — There was a time when I believed pretty much everything I read or heard. Today, sadly I question. I’ve come to realize that with any freedom comes a big responsibility — to be honest and just.

Immigration is a big problem. As much as our hearts may go out to these people, you have to ask yourself do we have the resources, monies, to support the thousands that will be at our border shortly? We have an out-of-control deficit, and aren’t we always being told that there isn’t enough money to support Social Security and Medicare?

We have big problems to solve within our own borders, never mind opening our doors to those who will need our financial support. Yes, our politicians and religious leaders say do the right thing, open your hearts — our hearts our open — we give financial aid to almost every country. But we can’t fix every country. The people living within those borders have to do that. Just as we have to find a way to come together here.

Rose Ahern

North Port


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