In Charlotte County business is done in closed- door meetings.

No information is shared with the public until it’s time to vote.

Like Sunseekers.

The public should be informed about the projects that corporations and the commissioners dream up. Sunseekers is just the latest shenanigan to be passed by surprise votes at the County Commission meetings. With nine high-rise condos. this will have a major impact on our community.

I know that change will happen and I’m not taking a position on Sunseekers here, good or bad. The county needs development. I simply have this crazy idea that it’s the business of the taxpayers to know the county’s business.

Joan Fischer will keep the public informed; keep us updated on corporate involvement in Charlotte County business. No more Murdock Village disasters that we, as taxpayers, are still paying for, 17 years later.

Vote for John Fischer for county commissioner.

Robert L. Moran

Punta Gorda


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