There is a strong possibility that presidential elections in the United States of America will soon cease to be. The reason being that the Judeo-Christian principles the USA was founded upon have been discarded by the majority of its political leaders and its citizens because of them being both historically and biblically ignorant. It seems that the majority of Americans have abandoned the God of the Holy Bible and this will cause God to soon abandon the USA. Truthfully, it appears that God has already begun His judgment by way of changing weather patterns, with an unstable economy, and corrupt political leadership.

Abortion, homosexuality, gambling, pornography, and godlessness is now sanctioned by the Congress and courts of the USA. It is illegal to bring a copy of the Holy Bible into a classroom and to discuss creation, but it is legal to pass out condoms and burn the American flag. The United States of America was founded as a republic, which made it a nation ruled by law. The majority of its citizens and politicians now think that the USA is a democracy meaning, “ruled by the majority.”

The fact that throughout human history, democracies have proven to have a very short life span is unknown to most! The reason democracies have a very short life span is because the political leadership of a democracy always panders to special interest groups with outrageous promises to obtain their support and votes. It appears God is beginning His judgement upon the USA in earnest!

Robert E. Schoenle

Port Charlotte


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