Sales is the life blood of any company. Without sales there are no jobs, no income and no business activity.

A decade ago, companies advertised in print publications to obtain a result which was a phone inquiry requesting more information or “have a salesman call.” This was a real sales lead. 

Today, companies advertise electronically on web sites to obtain a “click” or “like” or email request for more information. This is an intangible result, not a real sales lead.

In the former, there is personal contact where the needs of the customer are evaluated. Today, there is no discussion of a customer's needs, which leaves the salesman helpless in trying to present the proper product or service to the customer to meet his needs.

Today, results are measured in how many “clicks” or “hits” are obtained vs. how many sales leads were generated and orders booked.

Orders generate feelings of achievement, success and dollars which are deposited in the bank to pay salaries and rent. “Clicks” and “likes” generate anxiety and volumes of anonymous inquiries that can’t be followed-up or pursued by sales professionals.

Internet marketing companies pitch “being on the first page,” “improving SEO” and getting all those “clicks” and charge big bucks to obtain these fake, anonymous results.

This can be frustrating to the businessman who can waste a lot of time and money in the never-ending pursuit of the almighty “click” and come up empty.

We’ve been fooled by all the hype and fake results the internet generates.

Skip McTighe

Punta Gorda


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