Accounts of the recent controversy regarding the depiction of NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, failed to address the real problem.

While displays depicting noteworthy African-Americans during Black History Month are certainly appropriate, the choice of a man who chose to bring attention to his perception of police brutality against blacks by showing disrespect to our national anthem and flag was not only an inappropriate example for our children to admire and emulate, but a tremendous insult to hundreds of thousands of current military members and veterans — some who gave their lives to defend the country represented by that flag.

There are a myriad of black athletes, statesmen, businessmen, professionals, educators and entertainers who could be rightly promoted as role models for our children. To choose a man who, in addition to being the instigator of a very divisive national controversy, who also wore clothing depicting police officers as pigs was a very irresponsible act and one that was rightfully corrected by the school’s principal.

One School Board member felt it necessary to apologize to the teacher and the students over the fact the district didn’t have a policy addressing such things and expressed extreme disappointment in the way the situation was handled. She indicated her intention to meet with students and staff to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. I suggest she meet with children and spouses of active duty military members, local veterans and police officers before she supports a policy offensive to large numbers of patriotic Americans.

Noel Hyde

Punta Gorda


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