Being a big fan of Charlotte County Transit I submit this letter of recommendation.

Kathy, Punta Gorda driver, always asks her riders "How are you?" She is always on time. She goes out of her way to be kind and helpful to everyone.

I have heard many riders say they love Kathy. They worry when some other driver shows up. "Where is Kathy?" they say, because we all know only Kathy gives the best service. We don't want to lose her! Keep her here in Punta Gorda and give her a raise, please!

A frequent rider.

P.S. Grateful for all of you! I have no means of transportation without you.

And I support our local business with my shopping.

Be aware Ralph Kramdon and Ed Crankshaft, there's another famous bus driver in town.

Alan P. Lessman

Punta Gorda


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