What if you purchased your forever home with a sight line of a harbor view and a beautiful park right across the street? What if one morning you awoke with the sound of ping-pong, ping-pong coming from the once peaceful park.

Suddenly, you are in the midst of this annoying sound pelting your space from morning until evening. How did this happen and now what? You own a home in the historical section and now realize your house is going to lose its value because of the insistent noise from the pickleball court that will not go away.

I am a casual observer of this situation. I do not have an alliance to home owners or players. However, I sympathize with the homeowners who, by the way, were living in their once-quiet homes first. I find the attitude of the players to be insensitive and self-serving. I wonder how many players actually live in Punta Gorda.

I am stunned the town fathers are dragging their feet to make the correct decision to removed or reduce the courts.

Imagine yourself living in the Gilchrist area. Image yourself sitting at your computer trying to work or preparing dinner or sitting on your front porch enjoying a cocktail with a family member. Ping -pong, ping-pong, you can’t concentrate on your work, you can’t enjoy making dinner and you certainly are not relaxing on the porch.

What if we take a moment to care beyond self-indulgence that lasts for an hour, while others suffer around the clock, seven days a week.

Nancy Voss

Punta Gorda


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