The governor of my former state, Andrew Cuomo, said that America was never that great. This is a man who has presidential aspirations for 2020.

I disagree with him. America has always been great, not perfect.

From the Revolutionary War when a ragtag army of Americans defeated the most powerful nation in the world, the U.K. From the Civil War, when thousands of the boys in blue gave up there lives to end the curse of slavery. From World War I, when our doughboys fought to save Europe from the German Army. From World Waw II, where many thousands of our men, the greatest generation, gave up there lives to save the world from Nazi fascism and Japanese imperialism. To Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

We will never be perfect, but name a country that is better and freer. We can get greater because nothing made by man is perfect.

Robert Palermo

North Port


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