Yet again, I am highly displeased with the security measures at Meadow Park Elementary.

Daily, I walk my child to school and the side gate for biker/walkers is locked. It is supposed to be open at 8 a.m. and it is not.

Eventually, a staff member appears (well after 8 a.m.) to open the gate for student entrance and by this time several children are waiting.

This is ridiculous on a couple of levels.

For one, there are students who arrive to school with the intent of eating breakfast there. As we have been told time and time again, breakfast is a very important meal for everyone but especially our young minds. Some of these children may not otherwise be having this meal if it weren't for the opportunity to have it at school.

The other problem I have with this gate issue is security-related. All it is going to take is the wrong person with the wrong intentions to see this habitual issue and then we will have an even bigger issue on our hands.

Stop being lackadaisical and careless. I simply cannot seem to understand why a group of educated people who we are leaving responsible for educating our children can't seem to get their acts together.

As the old saying goes, book smart but no common sense.

Suzy Sassy

Port Charlotte


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