I’m compelled to respond to a recent letter to the editor from a friend alleging that the numerous mail bombs sent to several prominent Democrats might somehow be an “FBI coup.”

I don’t know what he has been smoking lately or if he’s attended too many Trump rallies this fall, but it’s simply absurd to speculate that the FBI, in cahoots with Democrats, may have conspired to create this scenario as a way to get their supporters to the polls.

Conspiracy theories abound these days, and this is certainly one of them. Maybe it was inspired by a Rush Limbaugh rant, but neither he nor any one else has provided a shred of credible evidence to support this bizarre idea.

We’ve experienced the terrible story of 11 worshipers being gunned down in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Was this also a Democrat plot to get followers to the polls?

It’s become fashionable to bend the truth or stretch the truth — or simply make it up — to either sew fear or generate anger, all in the name of generating and maintaining the loyalty of the “base.” If that doesn’t fly, then assault the media for spreading “fake news.” We as a nation can and must do better.

Let’s stick to the real facts and work to inform rather than mislead.

Roger Sperry

Punta Gorda


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