Day after day, I read these letters that serve not to illuminate and elevate, but rather to denigrate and disparage our public schools.

I will assume that the writers would like to see our schools operate at the highest level of success, as we all would. However, let’s give credit where credit is due. My brother and I went to public grade schools, colleges and medical schools and we are doing just fine. My two sons went to the local public schools and then went on to become, respectively, a JD/MBA and a dentist with years of hospital residency training.

I was amazed by the commitment and skill of the teachers, the ancillary staff, the administration, and the board leaders. Charter schools are wonderful on a limited basis  I was one of the people who actually helped formulate  the academic high school on the Edison campus. I’ve also done my best to support the private secular and religious schools in our community  But, first and foremost, I am a firm believer in public education. The bulk of people in this country are educated in that mode.

Townsend Harris firmly believed everyone deserves an education. My father actually went to a public high school named after Mr. Harris. Charter Schools are a wonderful asset in a public school system. My mother spent decades teaching first grade and there was no exclusivity among her pupils. The public schools cannot pick and choose their students.

I am darn proud of our school system.

David M. Klein

Punta Gorda


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