As many of you know, Punta Gorda is being overrun with rabbits lately.

As president of the PGI Green Thumbs, the volunteer organization that maintains Nature Park, located at Aqui Esta and Bal Harbor in the Punta Gorda Isles, I have a few suggestions.

The first is that you do not put out poison to kill them. Other animals may consume them and in turn may be poisoned.

Secondly, you can trap them with a metal Havahart trap purchased locally. The rabbits love apple wedges or bananas pieces. Spray the trap with apple juice first.

Thirdly, please do not release them at the Nature Park on Aqui Esta. A volunteer observed a gentleman doing just that the other day. We are overrun with them already. They have been extremely destructive to our shrubs and plants that we purchase with your generous donations. It is discouraging to come back the day after planting something and find it has been eaten down to the nubs.

So what to do with the rabbits once they are captured? Take them down to heavily treed areas on Burnt Store Road and set them free or over to the heavily treed area by Walmart.

We will all be happier in the end when they safely find a new home.

Richard Polk

Port Charlotte


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