Although I am a conservative, I have long believed that liberals are more creative and more likely to advance human knowledge than conservatives. On the other hand, American society is crumbling, and the shared ideals of freedom and justice that made America the hope of the world and define us as Americans are disappearing as liberals shower conservatives with obscenities and charges of racism, Naziism and sexism and attack us physically.

In recent years, three highly distinguished men (Bork, Thomas and Kavanaugh) had their reputations destroyed by liberals because the three had different political philosophies from them. It also seems that no liberal celebrity or politician can utter a sentence without using an obscenity – usually directed at the president of the United States. Actor Robert DeNiro and Rep. Rashida Tiaib come to mind.

This is a far cry from the liberal President Harry Truman who challenged and convinced America to be magnanimous winners after World War II and treat our defeated enemies unlike any previous conqueror. He put in place the Marshall Plan, which helped Germany and Japan to recover from the war and become working democracies. Although this benefited us in the long run, it took sacrifice and idealism to accomplish.

This could never be done today in this atmosphere of vitriol and resistance by any means necessary.

Russell Wilcox

Port Charlotte


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