Orwellian Political Correctness is infiltrating our society. It is negatively impacting our country.

Why become upset about a person performing blackface decades ago? Mainstream media makes it appear as if the entire country is offended.

Nike, celebrating Independence Day, would produce a sneaker with the Betsy Ross Flag. Colin Kaepernick became involved, believing Nike shouldn’t sell them. Why exactly wasn’t the Betsy Ross Flag shoe sold? Answer: Kaepernick associated it with the slave era.

Ladies and gentlemen what pronoun do you prefer to be known as? That question is being asked in institutions of higher education as they stress gender neutrality on campuses. Toy manufacturers are desegregating toys to protect young boys and girls from gender stereotyping.

The Palm Sunday church bombings killed over 290 people. Statements by two outstanding American citizens, former President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton said, “some people were killed while worshiping”. Is it politically correct to avoid saying Christians? While making a speech, Rep Ilhan Omar commented, “some people did something” when describing the Twin Tower destruction, and the NYT printed “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.” Is it political incorrect to say terrorists took aim?

Not happy with that erroneous attempt to reshape history, the NYT pushed The 1619 Project, rewriting history without historical accuracy. Without accuracy it becomes historical fiction.

The exhausted majority of Americans share a common ground, especially a strong distaste to political correctness over common sense.

Lloyd Stilson

Port Charlotte


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