Today, I attended an open forum meeting at the Charlotte County building on San Casa Drive, Englewood, for the purpose of getting answers to the proposed "projects" in the Rotonda West community.

This "venue" was way too small, no voice amplification. Hundreds of residents attended and could not gain entry or hear what was going on. Many left in anguish and frustration.

The vast majority of Rotonda West residents aren't even here but at their alternate addresses all over the United States. I e-mailed the Rotonda west Facebook page and complained, but they told me, "This was a county" originated meeting.

I insisted that we, as residents, are expected to pay for these "improvements," must have an open forum where all can attend, and hear what is being said.

Also, we deserve oversight on the spending of this money.

This meeting should be re-scheduled at a time when all concerned can represent themselves, and at a venue where all can hear what is being said and responded to. Do we deserve anything less?

"They" want to raise our annual fees/expense times four or five the normal cost. We deserve to have a say in this expense, or what exactly is being done with our money.

Many people were there to voice their opinions, good or bad, and couldn't be heard.

Come on do do this right.

Ronald Hatt

Rotonda West


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