Sheriff William Prummell is the highest ranking law enforcement official in our county. In my opinion, he has committed an ethics violation by participating in (marching and kneeling) a local Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstration, while in full uniform

Also present and participating in this demonstration in full uniform was one of his command staff, Major Jim Kenville. Isn’t Prummell’s position as sheriff supposed to be one of neutrality? Isn’t he supposed to represent all of the citizens of Charlotte County in an equal manner, which is to provide safety for all? One particular goal of the BLM organization is the defunding our police. Seems like our sheriff has taken a stand in agreeing with this organization, with his recent actions during the demonstration.

My question to you is, how will this affect the way our police respond for service? Will our Sheriff’s office be defunded like the sheriff apparently wants? Its election time, we can vote someone else in that will stand up for us, the people of Charlotte County, instead of taking part in and siding with a Marxist organization, which serves no one’s good or our community.

I understand the only other candidate that is running for sheriff is Dale Ritchhart. I have viewed his platform from his web page and it seems he has attainable goals for our community and our sheriff’s office. I hope more people will also see that Dale is the man and type of leader that should be our next sheriff.

Gregory Joesey

Punta Gorda


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