Recently newly elected Sen. Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed article on the importance of character and the fact that he perceived a lack of it in President Trump's behavior.

It is apparent that Romney, who is also a Republican, shares many of Trump's political views, but considers the character issue more important.

Probably a majority of your readers also share the president's political views. But the character issue has long puzzled me because I know many of those people.

They are highly likable and even admirable people. But I cannot picture any of them humiliating a disabled person or bragging about sexually harassing another person, as Donald Trump did to Billy Bush.

This is really a form of bullying, as in, "I can do this to you and you have to let me if you know what's good for you." In fact, I can't picture most of the people I know bragging at all or having to claim credit for every good they do. Character is outside of political issues but it is important.

I am thankful that I don't know any people like this, but I am puzzled that all these nice people are willing to support someone who is like this to be the most important person in our country.

Dorothy Gaylord

Punta Gorda


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