I guess if the right wing has to tolerate Kathleen Parker, those on the left have to tolerate Rich Lowry's ramblings.

I subscribe to the National Review to keep track of their version of reality. As of now, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the popular vote by over 2.8 million votes. The antiquity known as the Electoral College gives the people living in less popular states a more valuable vote than those in populated states. Courts have required county legislative boards to go to weighted voting based on the number of residents each member represents. The rule of the majority functions in most other elements of our political institutions, but not when we're electing our POTUS.

The Trump supporters who were interviewed leading up to the election were providing their moral support based on fictions, not reality. Lowry's magazine was criticizing Trump for a long time until they resigned themselves to his "success" among the rank and file.

Lowry claims that the specter of Republican mayhem was always far-fetched. One could wonder how the president-elect and his supporters who reacted so viciously to perceived opposition would be expected to then whimper away from a "rigged" election with their tails between their legs.

Respect has to be earned, not blindly granted. After eight years of the last Bush president, I still didn't think of him as his having been president of our country. More like a puppet controlled by his neocon advisers.

Tom Pritchard

Rotonda West


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