All past presidents have had contact with Russian diplomats before taking office. They want to open a dialog to hit the ground running when taking office. No different for Trump.

Obama was told well before the election that the Russians were trying to influence the election. Obama did nothing. The attempt at influence from Russia came under his watch, not Trump’s.

Mueller’s report concluded there was no collusion. Now the Dems want to impeach on obstruction. How could there be obstruction if there was no crime? Obstruction happens when a crime committed is being covered up. Trump complained about the two-year investigation, but did not stop it.

There is no chance Trump will be found guilty in the Senate in an impeachment process. The process will open up testimony on everything such as the DNC colluding with the Clinton campaign to fix the election for Hillary, the cover up and destruction of e-mails that very likely held top secret and incrimination information, as well as the creation of the unverified Trump dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and much more.

Bring on the impeachment process. When it ends, Trump will be re-elected and many Democrats will be headed to prison. Meanwhile, none of the problems with trade, our border invasion and infrastructure are getting addressed. Impeachment and obstruction is all the Dems have to draw attention away from the great jobs and economy under Trump. Democratic candidates are offering socialism, open borders and high taxes. Not a hard choice.

Jim Crawley

Punta Gorda


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