One letter writer made a few good points about snowbirds not joining local organizations, but he was totally wrong on the rest of his observations.

As a snowbird I contribute a lot to the local economy, but I don't cost much to maintain. I pay more taxes than you because I do not get the homesteader deduction. I pay school taxes, but my kids will never go to school here. I pay for police protection, but I am only here for a few months of the year. I pay for prisons, but I am not likely a criminal.

I just come here to borrow your sunshine, and I promise to leave it behind when I go back up north.

We are the reason that there are so many restaurants, and I am surprised every fall when a few of them have closed up and left. I guess you are not doing that good of a job keeping them in business. The golf courses depend on the snowbirds for the same reason.

Without tourism, this state would have more unemployment than any other state in the union. We need you for the sunshine, but you need us for your economy. Without us, your roads would fall apart and your taxes would double. Let that sink in for awhile.

Walter Hasselman

Rotonda West


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