During the recent shut down of about 10 percent of the federal government, the point made by all news outlets, conservative and liberal, printed media and television, was that “Six billion dollars is an insignificant portion of the federal budget.”

Has anyone stopped to consider that when a budget is so large that $6 billion seems insignificant, the budget is too big? The purpose of the federal government is to: insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and promote general welfare, not to manage every aspect of human existence.

The federal government does too much and doesn’t do it efficiently. Government projects are seldom completed on time and within the proposed budget. The cumulative result of this inefficiency is the national debt of $21 trillion. This may also be referred to as small number if it continues to grow at the present rate.

The United Sates is the leader of the free world. A leader leads by example. Let’s get our leaders to start focusing on fiscal responsibility and stop buying votes with giveaways that we can’t afford.

Bill Folchi

Punta Gorda


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