I am disappointed with the way our Charlotte County school administrators handled the dismantling of the Colin Kaepernick poster, hung at Port Charlotte High School during Black History Month and then ordered removed.

Frequently hailed by our school district, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. disobeyed unjust laws, was jailed, exonerated and today most agree that America is better because him. Yet, when a Port Charlotte High School teacher and her students mounted a poster of a Black NFL player peacefully protesting an unjust law, the district bowed to a few disagreeable parents and ordered the poster removed, forgetting their admiration of the King legacy and forgetting their oath to uphold the Constitution that protects peaceful dissent.

In addition to this injustice, the district missed many golden teaching opportunities. Living lessons and research assignments on the constitution, the history of diversity, the nature of dissent, making informed opinions, etc., could have been developed.

The principal and district personnel have apologized (in closed hearings — never publicly) for the manner in which the poster was taken down, but have never apologized for the actual act of forced removal. Hopefully, when parents and the community discover this grave infraction and raise their voices, the school district will make a full apology.

Until then, I remain grossly disappointed.

Myrna Charry

Port Charlotte


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