Who is George Soros? According to my right-wing friends, he is: a socialist, a communist, an Antifa funder, a killer, one of America’s richest men.

The facts are that Soros is: a progressive, a Democrat, unrelated to Antifa, the extreme left-wing group disavowed by Democrats; not a killer, although he is pro-choice; not among America’s richest men. Soros ranks 60th on the Forbes 400’s list of 2018, with assets of $8 billion.

Who are the Koch brothers? My Republican friends ask, “Who?” Apparently, their pundits on Fox News have never told them about their party’s top donors. The Koch brothers are: right-wing Republicans, conservative extremists, funders of the alt right group espoused by many Republicans, war hawks and pro-lifers, two of the richest men in the U.S., ranked seventh by Forbes with combined assets of $107 billion.

Additionally, Soros avows climate change, while the Koch boys deny this. Although philanthropists, unlike Soros they do not donate to environmental causes. Soros favors banning assault weapons, but the brothers are enthusiastic NRA members. Soros is a Hungarian-born Jewish American.

The Koch family are leaders in a theology called Dominionism, which basically “describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus.” This theology is subscribed to by many Republicans. Also, the term Christians usually refers here exclusively to Anglo-Saxon men.

Karen Fisk

Rotonda West


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